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Early Detection of Foundation Distress

Foundation repair, it isn't about patching a crack or using “make up” to hide blemishes caused by foundation movement. The only true fix is to recognize the root cause of distress, and implement the proper repair methods. If a damaged or failing foundation goes untreated it will likely affect the functionality, structural integrity and value of your investments. Fortunately there are classic scars left behind when a foundation has been disturbed. Sticking doors or windows, expansion of drywall joints in the ceilings or walls, and cracks on interior and/or exterior surfaces are all tell tail signs of movement. Most of these signs can be easily detected with little, to no experience, but without familiarity and hands-on training, it is almost impossible; to accurately decide the cause, severity, or repair techniques required. Early Detection is the key to protecting your investments.

Foundation repair is generally the most expensive repairs to be performed on a structure. In most cases with Early Detection to failing or damaged foundations they can, or could have been repaired and/or stabilized. So “If your house is cracking up don’t let that get you down”. Do your homework; call a qualified foundation repair expert like us at Champion Waterproofing.

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